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Poker is a game of table cards that is popular all over the world. Over the years, it has adapted to different places, cultures, and uses. In this article, we will talk about different types of poker and how to play each of them. The variety of this game is wide, although the original game […]

How are poker bots raking online money?

Sophisticated card-playing robots – known as “poker bots” – have now been playing online for years and the trend is accelerating. The increasing activity on poker bots forums and the growing interest generated by the annual poker bot competition (organized by the University of Alberta) are prime indicators of this trend. Of course, online poker […]

My Coach

Start now ! To directly launch our coach and start improving your poker skills, click here. Or, sign in (no account yet ? Sign up) and benefit from the Coach Pro version’s additional functionalities: Detailed statistics on your performance, allowing you to even further improve your game Personnalized coaching, taking into account your learning track […]