Everything Related with Poker
Rules, Tips, and Strategy

Everything Related with Poker
Rules, Tips, and Strategy

Welcome To Your Handy Poker Guide

Welcome to your handy poker guide! We provide you information about your favorite hand poker game. You will learn the fundamentals of the game, different types and varieties of poker hand games, and how can you improve your strategies by playing online for free.

The Fundamentals of the Game

This poker guide that provides you the rules and tips on how to play a poker game is especially for beginners. If you want to learn the fundamental of the game here we provide you the rules:

  • Each player is dealt with two cards starting from the player on the left.

  • The first player has a choice to bet or check.

  • After the decision of the first player, the rest of the players have a choice to call, fold, and raise.

  • After the first round is finished, the dealer deals three cards face-up.

  • The three dealt cards are called community cards and everyone can use them.

  • Every player has a chance to fold, raise and bet again.

  • The river is the fifth dealt card on the board.

  • As a final round, the players can use the options bet, rise and fold.

  • The player with the highest rank of cards in the hand wins the pot.

Poker game is a strategy hand game so it is very important to use the right one while playing. Here we provide you a poker guide of successful poker game:

  • Free poker coaching

Free poker guide on the net provides you online poker and casino bonus coaching for free and improves your skills before deeply going into the game. This is the first and important strategy before your way to successful poker betting.

  • Odds

Understanding the odds can provide your game easier way of winning. You should play smart while using your casino bonus to call a bet with a draw. Also, find online poker guide that will help you understand them.

  • Attention

Paying attention to the button is the most advantageous position on the board. The button will provide you more winnings than many other positions. The dealer button means that for the rest of the pot, you will be always able to act last.

  • Patience

Folding more hands is important. For many players, this means a boring way of playing but the most of the dealt cards in your hand are already lost. So you should be patient, watch the other players and study them.

  • Skills improvement

You must learn, not only from the winnings and losses but also from many online poker guide sources. There are many blogs and books about strategies that can help you improve your skills of poker winning hand.

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Different Game Types & Variations

There are many different types and variations of online poker games. As a poker guide site we provide you the most played poker hand games:

Texas Hold’em

This variant is the oldest form of poker. The rules are simple:

  • Hold’em uses blinds or forced bets. The player on the left is small blind and the next one big blind.

  • Each player is dealt two cards face-down.

  • Each player can call, raise or fold.

  • When the first round is finished, the dealer burns one card face-down.

  • The dealer puts the third card face-down next to the previous cards.

  • The dealer deals fourth card known as “turn” and the fifth called “river”

  • The best five poker hand wins.

Seven-card Stud

This variant was very important in the past, nowadays is replaced with other newer types. It does not consist of community cards and our site’s poker guide provides you the rules:

  • Each player pays before is dealt with three cards which are two face down and one face up.

  • The lowest face-up card that any of the players have, it must “bring it in.” (if the ante is 1$, the bring-in is 5$)

  • The player has option to complete instead of bringing it in with giving 10$.

  • The cards are dealt until the seventh card face down.

  • The poker hand with the best five cards wins.

Engage Yourself in Free Online Poker Coaching

Many online casino websites provide you a chance to play free on their site by signing up as a free member. You can use the no deposit bonuses to play your favorite type of video poker and improve your skills. You can win real money on online legal casinos so do not wait to use the online casino features.

The Poker Hall of Fame

The Poker Hall of Fame consists of the best players of poker and it was founded in Las Vegas in the Benny Binion’s Horseshoe casino. It serves also as a tourist attraction. The famous poker players that were part of the Hall of Fame were Edmond Hoyle, Wild Bill, Sid, Red, Corky, The greek and many more other famous players of pokers.


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